5 Things Friday: My Netflix Watch List

I don’t know how you manage your Netflix account, but I’m always tagging things to watch later that I never actually get to watch later. I’ll have a few hours in a quiet house, so I decided to see what were the first five titles on my Netflix watch list.

Disclosure: There are a few Amazon affiliate links included below. If you choose to make a purchase via those links, I’ll receive a few pennies towards the support of my coffee habit. This doesn’t affect the price you pay, but it helps lower the cost to my family if mama doesn’t get her coffee…

1. Gotham

Status: Watched episode one but I need to watch it again.
Find it on IMDb here.

I’m all about my DC and Marvel television shows and movies. Give me good characters, a few super powers, a villain or two, and some cool tech toys, and I’m hooked. I’m not sure why Gotham has ended up lower on our list but its most likely due to the sheer number of fabulous comic book-based shows out there today. We’ve made our way through to current seasons of Supergirl, Agents of SHIELD, Legends of Tomorrow, and more. Our list of Netflix originals still holds a few like Luke Cage that we need to catch up on, but still, Gotham is at the top of the list for this genre.

Here’s hoping we’ll pick up a few episodes on a weeknight or lazy Sunday afternoon soon.

2. TrollHunters

Status: Started
Find it on IMDb here.

I love animation! This was the last performance that Anton Yelchin gave before his untimely death. Be still my heart. I’ve had a soft spot for him since I first saw Odd Thomas. Much like everything DreamWorks has done, the animation in this series is top notch. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the story and a few of the more quiet and subdued themes that it covers. I’m looking forward to seeing how it ends as well as how they handle Part Two now that Anton isn’t with us any longer.

My Netflix Watch List - WriterBloggerMom.com3. Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark

Status: Hello, afternoon naptime activity.
Find it on IMDb here.

I’m in love with Trevor Noah’s wit on The Daily Show, so when I heard about this comedy special I added it to my queue right away. No matter what side of the political climate you are on these days, everyone can use a little comedy. The way he hits current events with insight, humor, and wit carry me to another place.

Side note… His personal story sounds amazing. His new book, Born a Crime, is on my TBR list.

4. A Series of Unfortunate Events

Status: Started
Find it on IMDb here.

I should note that this is the Netflix Original series, not the movies. Back in the day, I didn’t let my daughter read this series of books.* At the time I didn’t think she could handle the idea of an adult trying to murder three sweet kids (or trying to marry one as a method of stealing their fortune – ew), but now that she’s nearly 20 we are having way too much fun planning a girls’ night to watch them all. We’ve watched two, and it’s epically done. The sets and costumes are gorgeous! Plus, Neil Patrick Harris is one of my boyfriends; he just doesn’t know it.

*no judgment on those who read them – my kid was just highly sensitive.

5. American Crime Story: The People v OJ Simpson

Status: Started Finished!
Find it on IMDb here.

I’ve wanted to watch this miniseries since it first aired, but given that we don’t have cable I needed to wait until it hit Netflix. I’m three episodes in already, and I love it. I remember sitting on the couch watching OJ in the white bronco crawl at a snail’s pace across my television. Like everyone, I was sucked immediately into the story of Nicole Brown Simpson and the Juice. Watching this has only solidified my idea that he did it, but what do I know…

What are you watching? Tell me in the comments below. I’m always looking for great things to add to my Netflix list that I may or may not have time to watch. Bonus points for anything that I can watch with the family.

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