Finishing The Widow Teal (Camp NaNoWriMo 2017)

What would you do if you thought your husband was dead, but he wasn’t? Jerrica Teal is about to finally find out as I finish The Widow Teal this spring.

The Widow Teal is back!

Originally, I planned on making Jerrica’s story a quickly released serialized novel. Unfortunately, life decided that my plans and schedules weren’t really going to fit with its goals, and I got off track. I joke that I work best under the threat of public humiliation, but in reality, I work best under a structured goal. I wrote Finding Eliza as a 30-day project during NaNoWriMo in 2013. I’m planning on Camp NaNoWriMo being the same successful experience for me this year.

Instead of writing a complete novel from beginning to (crappy first draft) end, I’ll be writing the final two installments of Jerrica’s story. I’m so excited.

When we meet Jerrica in The Widow Teal Part One, she is in a very different place in her life than she had once been. She’s lost the love of her life. She’s navigating the world as a single mother. She has work, her daughter, a very small group of trusted friends. Just like we see her go through a transition during Part One, we will see her explode through growth in Part Two.

I’ll be sharing small updates here, but the main writing victories and pains will be shared over on my author website, There, you’ll get to meet the characters, see my research into the sights and events of the story, and more. For a quick update, check out the progress bar that will tick away the word count in the sidebar of this site.

However… I have an offer for you no matter where you are getting your Jerrica news!

Are you interested in reading The Widow Teal Part One?

You can purchase it on Amazon for yourself (affiliate link). Or, let me give it to you for free! Here’s how:

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That’s it. Easy as pie – just like the pie that Jerrica serves at Hal’s Homemade. Don’t know the reference? Read the book. (I just told you how to do it for free, too!)

Read more about The Widow Teal on the book page.



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