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What is a “high raw” diet? I’ve seen different people use different numbers, but for me, it’s eating mostly raw food most of the time. My favorite raw food resources help me accomplish my goal without feeling like I’m being deprived or spending every waking hour a slave to the dehydrator or some other kitchen gadget.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good, hot beef stew. But sometimes we need to eat the way our bodies tell us they need, and mine craves a high raw food diet. Raw fruits and veggies are easy to incorporate into your kitchen even if it’s used for mostly traditionally cooked foods.

It’s not really that hard. Honest.

For me, the idea of eating all raw/all the time makes me shudder. Not in a bad, “I hate that kind of food” way, but in a, “I’m cold and need soup” kind of thing. #frozengirlsunite

Adding in more raw snacks, breakfast items, and sides at lunch or dinner is a super simple way to sneak your body into eating more raw, unprocessed foods. It’s also great for those moments when you just don’t feel like making a damn thing. Fruits, veggies, and raw nuts and seeds are the simplest form of “grab and go” eating available. I need that when I’m writing on a deadline or chasing after my little girl (who actually isn’t crawling yet, so the “chasing” is figurative.)

The key is going to be determining your needs, such as keeping things easy, and loading yourself up with a library of raw food resources to keep you encouraged and on track.

Raw Food Resources for Cooked Food KitchensMy favorite Raw Food resources:

These ladies and their encouraging blog posts, vlogs, and programs are what have truly taught me that a raw diet doesn’t have to be boring, cold, or hard. I’ve used many of their free and paid raw food resources, and I’ve loved all of them.

Brandi Rollins, RawFoodonaBudgetBrandi offers real-life advice for those of us living in cold climates. She also understands that we can’t all go spend $40 on an ounce of superfood powder. And, she has so many free resources like her free 6-Day Raw Challenge.

Laura-Jane, The Rawtarian: Laura-Jane’s recipes are fabulous! She covers everything for the simple, moderate, and gourmet raw food uncooker. Be sure to check out her podcast and app. You’ll definitely want to bookmark this site.

Others to know: Check out Ani Phyo, Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram, and Judita Wignall. I’m a huge fan of their books and blogs.


What’s your favorite raw food resource? I’d love to check out something new. Share it with me in the comments below!


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